Personality Workshop

You limit yourself if you can work only with others just like you. Your ability to work with many different personalities makes you valuable and trustworthy. The skill of “speed reading” the way another approaches essential relationships will give you insight and wisdom in dealing with everyone around you.

Truly seeing your colleagues, coworkers, and clients

Understanding emotional needs (yes, we bring them to the workplace!)

Creating an environment in which others can respond comfortably

Assessing personal traits that may be offensive

Direction in dealing with the dull, the disinterested, and the difficult

There are lost causes, but no lost lessons


Business Etiquette Workshop

We may think we look polished and act professionally, but often we miss by a mile and then blame others for not relating to us. The world is changing quickly, which is why simple social manners are so important.

Why it is true that “image is everything”

Why it is not true that “image is everything”

Dressing like you mean business

Meeting and dining confidence

Technology etiquette

Cubicle etiquette

Speaking so that others will hear

Listening so that others will talk

Management That Matters

Here's the simple truth: No matter how many benefits a company offers, no matter how much we're paid or how well-appointed our offices and workstations, we generally stay at a job because of our manager . . . and we leave a job because of our manager. Based upon research by The Gallup Organization and presented in a groundbreaking book, First, Break All the Rules, the principles necessary to increase productivity and job satisfaction are placed in the manager's hands.

What makes a great manager?

Why is a great manager important?

Why isn't an average manager enough?

They're not just warm bodies

Hiring for talent

Managing with strengths

New Employees Laboratory

How do you introduce new employees to your company's culture and practices? Workers come from every background, nationality, and walk of life, and knowing whether or not they will all simply “get” what's entailed in basic professional behavior doesn't need to be a mystery. Give them the tools to represent your company with excellence!

New Employees Lab is a three-day onsite program in which business etiquette and personality training combine to provide elementary instruction in conduct on the job. If you provide specific kinds of training for new employees (such as call center instruction), the lab can be tailored to fit into the already existing format.


Talent on Demand

Management guru Peter Drucker said that when asked, most Americans would not be able to confidently describe their strengths, but would instead list their education and accomplishments. Wrong answer! Phrases such as “people person” or “detail oriented” are vague and say little about the gifts we possess. Knowing your talents and the talents of others allows you to value what comes naturally, and people notice when you do.

How we know that talent is innate

Why everything can change when you know your talents

Taking talent and turning it into strength

Recognizing the talents of others

Delegating without fear

Doing what comes naturally will take you places

How to ignore your weaknesses and still succeed


Supervisor's Laboratory

Frequently, a company rewards good performers with a promotion to management. But are they ready? Supervisory skills are not gained by hope and telepathy; they must  be explained and practiced. Supervisor’s Lab prepares new supervisors to meet the necessary challenges:

How to see your employees as individuals

Why playing favorites is not a bad thing, except when it is

Resisting taking others' behavior personally

Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of those you supervise

Coaching effectively

Preparing for a difficult counseling session

Exemplifying ethics and integrity even when others don’t

Acting like a leader in every situation

The lab includes personality training, business etiquette, the principles of strengths-based management, and exercises that prepare the new supervisor for what's ahead. Sup Lab can be compressed into a day or two or expanded for greatest effectiveness to three to five days. If they don't know how to supervise after this experience, they may have been promoted prematurely!

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